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Under my Thumbs

Teaser "Under my Thumbs" This piece revolves around the concept of Artificial Intelligence and its capabilities. The dancers embody the...

Dança do fim do mundo

Teaser of the solo performance "Dança do fim do mundo" "Each dance created is the last and is the dance of the end of the world. And at...

Die Partitur

Choreography and direction: Paula Sousa Dancers: Clarissa Cappellari & Vitor Rosa | Balé Teatro Guaíra Music: Invention 4, Bach | Paraná...


Choreography and direction: Paula Sousa Dancers: Leonardo Lino & Rodrigo Castelo Branco | Balé Teatro Guaíra Music: Invention 7, Bach |...

Ocupando o vazio

Dance short film, created by Paula Sousa and filmed by Cayo Vieira with the dancers from the company "Balé Teatro Guaíra"

Demorate aquí

Dance art video Creation, dance, video and edition: Paula Sousa Music: Nina Maia | Catalina

Pequenas danças por apenas 7'

Short version of the collection of 40 self-videos art created by Paula Sousa

Variações Sobre a Mesa

Choreography and Assistant director: Paula Sousa Dancers: Balé do Teatro Guaíra

Último Samba - videoclip

Movement direction and performer: Paula Sousa

Esse Samba - videoclip

Movement conception: Paula Sousa

Passagem de Ida - videoclip

Movement direction and choreography: Paula Sousa

Afrodite - videoclip

Directed and produced by Paula Sousa. Dancer: Caroline Zitto

Maya - videoclip

Directed, produced and performed by Paula Sousa

Por una cabeza

Self portrait


Self portrait